Welcome to the Skull and Shackles Online homepage.

This is a sandbox campaign centered around piracy that simulates a perpetual world. Non-player characters are not always scaled to an appropriate encounter-level. Evaluate your enemies carefully. In other words, many NPCs can and will kill you in one hit.

Characters will be built with a 15 point-buy system. They will be allowed to have two traits, though one must be a campaign trait. Class and archetype suggestions from the Skull and Shackles player’s guide are strongly recommended. It is also suggested that the players communicate when designing their PCs in order to facilitate a balanced party (i.e. one warrior, one specialist, one arcane, and one divine). Characters will follow the medium advancement track.

We will be using the hero point system (Advanced Player’s Guide pg. 322). I do not pull punches with my DM style. Hero points will often be the difference between a heroic victory and a total party kill. Use them wisely.

The game will take place over maptools v1.87. The day and time are yet to be determined.

Skull and Shackles Online

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